Getting Started

Pick a myCadian subscription plan, either Monthly or Annually.

Have a FITBIT or Need One?

Click on the FITBIT Compatibility Chart to find out if your device is compatible. There you will find a link to the FITBIT store to purchase.

Purchasing a myCadian Subscription

  • Input any coupon code you might have and click "Apply Code"
  • Enter your name and email address (required) 

  • Fill out credit card information
  • Note CVV # is the 3 digit number on the back of most cards, and 4 digits on the front of AMEX cards

  • Fill out your billing address associated with your credit card
  • Remember to accept the terms and conditions, purchases will not be processed without clicking accept
  • Click "Place My Order"


myCadian Account Creation

Upon successful credit card processing you will be redirected automatically to create a myCadian account.  You will use this email and password to log into the website and the myCadian App.

  • Enter you new password twice to make sure that there are no mistakes and that they match.
  • Upon having passwords that meet the requirements and match the "Submit" button will change color.
  • Click "Submit"

Account Created! 
  • Look in your email inbox for an email with the Subject: "myCadian® account email activation"
  • Click on the email verification link contained in the email  
  • Please login into your myCadian App or
  • Link your FITBIT account directions (will redirect to FITBIT website)
  • Complete Profile Questions

Directions for next steps are found here

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